“This Team Leadership Training Program will help arm Team Leaders with the skills to create and maintain successful teams.”

Building High Performance Teams


We design a customised challenge to fit the particular needs of your team. Different team building activities yield different outcomes. Each morale booster program will give an objective to complete, you will have limited time and resources and You will be expected to succeed in spite of the obstacles

Starting with an energiser activity that gets your group warmed up and ready for action. Each activity is debriefed to draw out the learning objectives that you want to highlight by an experience facilitator.

It can be used to reinforce key business messages including:

Working together and overcoming silos

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Teamwork and more.

Activate can be run outside where you can have some fun, challenge your team, and enhance learning. The selection of activities depends on your outcomes, expectations, number of participants, previous exposure to experience-based learning, time available, and the characteristics of the venue. Activities will deliver great insight and learning for your team. Let’s try, you will be amazed.

Team Building Course –Theme Treasure Hunt

An overview of the important of Team building

  • What is a team?
  • Types of Teams
  • What to do as a leader
  • What to do as a follower
  • Defining Success
  • Factors for success


  • The First Stage of Team Development – Forming Activity

Date : Knowing about the characteristic of your team

  • HAKA WORKSHOP : Boost the fighting Spirit
  • The Second Stage of Team Development – Norming

  • Ball Juggle: As the group is challenged to improve their performance, barriers are identified and creative solutions are introduced to overcome self-imposed limitations. Participants open up to experiential learning and gaining insights into real world business issues.


  • The Third Stage of Team Development – Solving Problems as a Team

  • 4 ways Tug of War : effective planning, communicating vision and team

  • Acid River : Overview: The acid river team building exercise is a large puzzle which requires a leader with vision to step forward and lead the team to victory. Outcomes include effective planning, communicating vision and team bonding.

  • Amazing race/ Rowing: Overview: The Rowing team building exercise is requires a leader with vision to step forward and lead the team to victory.

Outcomes include effective planning, communicating vision and team bonding.

  • Minefield: Overview: A “minefield” is set up with mines. Participants are divided into teams of two (manager and worker). The worker is blindfolded and sent into the minefield to rescue important objects. The coach guides the worker so no mines are set off. The teams switch roles and repeat until all objects have been rescued. The objects being “rescued” by the team can be metaphorized to fit your company (i.e. objects represent new customers, satisfied clients, successful projects, etc.)

Outcomes: Trust, communication, listening, support, cooperation vs. competition.

  • Corporate Maze: Participants enter the maze one at a time and figure out the correct path through the maze by trial and error. The first time a “bad” square is stepped on there is no penalty. However, don’t let one of your teammates step on that square again or dire consequences will occur. Keeping track of the path and surrounding bad squares challenges even the most proficient teams. Outcomes: Effective planning, knowledge management, roles & responsibilities.

“This Team Leadership workshop teaches all participants how to develop different strategies and minedset for leading diverse teams, gain techniques for ensuring effective and productive team meetings”

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