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Dr.Rawipas Klamthawee

Global Corporate Strategist

International Trade and Investment Adviser

Knowledge Castle Training Academy


Principle and Concepts

Organizations that are adept at change preparedness, management and execution, according to several global survey reports, have very likely been successful and profitable even in the long run of doing business. However, the key persons who are vital for conducting change to any organization are those in the executives or leader levels. Thus, to equip those leaders with knowledge, skills, experience and broad-based vision about leading change is a must for any organizations.


  1. Train organization leaders to understand the core value of leading change
  2. To train leaders on how to analyze the organizational situations that are about to make change
  3. Train leaders to change their mindsets and behaviors first before undergoing the organizational change
  4. Train leaders to get their co-workers to involve in the whole process of change
  5. Train leaders to evaluate and monitor results of change programs

Course Outline

  1. Definition of core value of leading change
  2. Leadership capabilities, mindsets and attitudes toward successful change
  3. How to analyze the situation for change
  4. Successful process of change
  5. How to get all people concerned inside any organization to involve in the change process
  6. How to prepare different sets of leaders for next changes

Target Audience


2.Managers and leaders in corporate organizations

 Training Duration

1-2 days

 Training Type

in-house training

Training Methodologies

  1. Lecturing
  2. Workshop
  3. Situation simulation

Evaluation & Measurement:

  1. Mindset/Attitude testing of organizational leaders
  2. Performance-based evaluation in change process workshop for organizational leaders
  3. Individual-based performance in both theory and practice
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