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Organizational Change Management in 21st Century

By  Dr.Rawipas Klamthawee

Organizational Change Management in 21st Century

Principle and Concepts

One of the challenging factors that both directly and indirectly affects all types of organizations (covering those in politics, economics, society and culture) is change. Unavoidably, most organizations will have to adapt themselves to the constant and rapid changes that occur almost every day if we closely and attentively look at the current changing circumstances. Any organizations which stand idly without adapting themselves through new and innovative organizational strategies are quite very much unlikely to survive in the long terms. Thus, the organizational change management has become one of the most organizational management disciplines that nobody should take it for granted. As a matter of fact, personnel in all organizations are the vital engine for moving the organizations foreword; therefore, equipping them with the knowledge and skills for change management will mostly do more good than harm to any organizations in the 21st century.

Objectives :

  1. To help organizational personnel at the executive level gain insights and importance of change and change management that inevitably affect all types of organizations
  2. To assist organizational personnel at the executive level understand more about the diversity of current changes in the current world
  3. To equip organizational personnel with a variety of necessary strategies and processes for coping, dealing and managing any impacts resulted from any changes
  4. To make organizational personnel more skillful in organizational change management
  5. To make organizational personnel at the executive level become effective coaches for organizational change management

Course Outline

  1. The definition and essence of change that affect organizations in the 21st century (in a process perspective)
  2. Analysis and diagnosis of the necessity for the process of organizational change management
  3. Leadership for organizational change management and for personnel management
  4. How to plan and formulate strategies for organizational change management
  5. Implementation of organizational change management plans and strategies
  6. Consistently and systematically monitor, examine and evaluate results of organizational change management

Target Audience:

Organization executives and Leaders and general public

 Training Duration:

1-2 days

Training Type:

in-house training

 Training Methodologies :

  1. Theory narrative 40%
  2. Practices & Workshops 60% (via self-expression, group discussion and presentation, case study and project creation and presentation

Performance Assessment:

  1. Understanding of organizational change management in theory
  2. Ability in showing creative and innovative ideas about organizational change management
  3. Teamwork efficiency in organizational change management
  4. Analysis and prediction capability for change (both before and after)
  5. Competency for becoming effective coaches in organizational change management

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