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Business Acumen Course

Managerial Skills for Proactive Leader

Managerial Skills for Proactive Leader

If one person cannot give orders to a hundred people to follow then space exploration and orchestra cannot happen as well”

Andrew Robertson

Course Overview

In this era, people are a key factor of organization that must be developed constantly and dynamically because success cannot be achieved by just one person. Strengthening leadership in team management for managers / supervisors to understand the differences between people is a cornerstone of teamwork and customer service, both internally and externally. Therefore, illustrating leadership to build acceptance and practice as a role model for the team, including the development of self-management skills and others efficiently according to various models put in the curriculum, is a very necessary challenge. Those will encourage participants to understand and change their team management skill and behavior by heart for the highest work excellence.

The abilities to manage people and work are very important to increase the competitiveness for modern business organizations. In order to drive organization met customer and competition needs, personnel should therefore understand management concepts, whether they are proactive management for leaders, time management, different styles of teams leading, persuasive communication, delegation Including conflict management and effective management of workplace pressure. Thus, leaders must have more diverse methods to drive the organization forward because “there has never been a single method” for the organization’s problems solutions.

This course is designed to educate and pass on case studies in various applications through speakers who have experience and success in using concepts to manage their organization in unity in order to create knowledge and understanding and open up the perspective for preparedness opportunities to deal with business changes.


  1. Understand a constructive of management concepts creatively and aware of the importance of dealing with individual issues in a timely manner.
  2. Understand and love to face and manage both of people and work in the organization.
  3. Practice problem-solving skill in order to drive people in the organization.

Method-Focus-and Follow up

In the morning training section is a lecture in order to give participants basic knowledge about problem solving and problem management processes. It focuses on awareness, mindset enhancing, and participation which are the key concepts in problem solving in the organization. The workshop will give participants a clear view of the image as well. You can practice thinking skills and problem-solving skills for driving the organization. In the follow-up section, the facilitator will use a method for the trainers by giving problem-solving assignments that related to their work and letting them return their documents back to the facilitator for evaluation after approximately 3 months of training (depending on the needs of the organization as well).

This course is suitable for executives at beginning level to middle level and those who will become executives that related to corporate strategy driving.

Course Topic

Program Schedule

Day 1

SessionTimeContent Details
19:00-10:30 a.m.

Knowledge about effective administration and human resource management problems in an organization.

·       Result base management

o   Vision

o   Mission

o   Goal and Objective

o   strategy

210:40 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Effectual Mobilizing Enabler:

Ø Five Bases of Power (J.R.P. French and B. Raven Theory)

Ø Power Tactics: Stephen Robbins

Mini Workshop: Trusted Battery – How much do you trust your team?

·       Role Model and Characteristics of Successful Leaders

·       Mini Workshop: Leadership Advice from the Role Model


31:00-2:30 p.m.

Principles of Communication and Motivation to People

·       The influence of motivation on work performance

·       Epitomized Respect Creating

·       How to find motivations and what are methods to utilize motivation

42:45-4:00 p.m.


Ø Efficient workload management

Ø Human development through delegation

Mini Workshop: RACI Step by planning and creating an assignment schedule


Resolving conflicts and eliminating working pressure

·       Conflict management styles in organizations

·       Solution for conflict management

·       Principles for working pressure managing

Ways to deal with negative pressures

Mini Workshop: Conflict Solving in an Organization Practicing

Train, wrap up and emphasize the leadership mindset for participants


Day 2

SessionTimeContent Details
19:00-10:30 a.m.

Strategic Thinking for Results

Ø Market Synergy

Ø Cost Synergy

Ø Technological Synergy

Ø Management Synergy

·       Analyze the situation of problems and identify issues – the cause of violence level, the impacts on dimension of time and place

·       External Environmental Analysis – PESTEL Model

·       Internal Environment Analysis – SWOT Model

o   critical success factors

o   value chain

o   Core process and system

Mini Workshop: Practice analyzing and framing the problem to identify the issues and start planning strategies.

210:40 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

·       Business Level Strategy

·       Strategy Implementation and Risk Prevention

·       Competitive Rule

o   tactic

o   pre-emption

o   deterrence

o   attack

o   response

Mini Workshop: Apply strategic thinking for proactive management “What are the things that will disrupt the business in the next 2 years?”

31:00-2:30 p.m.·       How to write Operational Strategic Plan”
42:45-4:00 p.m.Mini Workshop: business planning practicing and presentation



Seminar guidelines and Learning styles  : Theory 40 : Practice 60

Lecture                             Transferring knowledge to participants

Brainstorming activities        Participants enter “participate”

Examples/Case studies         To see more “clear images”

Interpretation                     Analyze to understand in depth for the application

  • The seminar uses the Adult Learning model with the narrative method along with the practice. Focusing on lectures that allow participants to be the center of the training, setting up questions for students to use their ideas. Exchange experience Participate in comments and presentations. In order to truly understand the content and be applied immediately
  • Content of educational lectures with VDO for lectures, Brainstorming activities, Work shop, Case studies and Simulation makes learning Truly understanding by yourself


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