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First Time to be Professional Manager

By   Asst.Prof.Dr. Rathavoot Ruthankoon

First Time to be Professional Manager

Overview and Background  

Managerial work is a very different job compare with operational level. Persons to be promoted to management level need to have deep understanding of “Manager’s work”. 

Modern managers should have many competencies such as understanding the organization’s vision, idea of ​​leadership, assigning and monitoring tasks, managing subordinates, analytical thinking, etc. These various issues challenge new management level very much. 

The KCT Academy’s “First Step to Becoming a Professional Management” course is for new managers showing what they should have. The training uses knowledge transfer through activities and workshops aiming to adjust trainees to have knowledge, understanding, and have a managerial mindset in order to perform the duty efficiently and effectively 


The course aims to make participants to be new age managers understanding the principles and methods of: 

  1. Strategic alignment of organization policy to operational work 
  1. Leadership mindset and understanding of team 
  1. Teamwork managementtask assigning, evaluation  
  1. Motivation and coaching 
  1. Process improvement and development thinking 
  1. Creative thinking skill 
  1. Reporting & presentation skill for executive 
  1. Communication and Good personal characters 

Traing Schedule 

Day 1 

Session Period Detail 
1 9:00-10:15 น. Overview of linking the vision of the organization 
  • Vision analysis and linking to policies, strategies, operations missions and indicators for evaluation 
  • The duties of the manager those differ operation level. 
  • Roles and responsibilities of managers at each level to the organization 
  • Slio Effect elimination 
  • Workshop Activity # makes participants clearly understand the organization’s vision. Is a manager who sees the organization as a whole and connects to operations 
2 10:30-12:00 น. Leadership and understanding of the team 
  • Characteristics of various types of leaders 
  • Leadership pattern suitable for oneself 
  • Understanding of characteristics of work teams and subordinates with various age ranges and diverse character traits 
  • Proper placement and assignment of tasks with subordinates in various ways 
  • Workshop Activity # makes participants understand the importance of “The characteristics of people” from the perspective of leaders and followers which is the basis for other matters  
3 13:00-14.30 น. Team management, Assignment, evaluation, and follow up 
  • Study of job details of the responsible department, job analysis 
  • How the team works together. Teamwork Analysis 
  • Key Activities / Key Resources / Key Result 
  • Critical Senses and eliminating “gap” in the work of the team. 
  • Organizing a good meeting (Team Meeting) 
  • Clear and appropriate assignment Work Assigning and Allocation 
  • Periodic tracking techniques for teamwork, inquiry, process measurement and progress regularly 
  • Workshop Activity # makes understanding team and work assignments 
4 14.45:00-16:0น. Motivation and coaching 
  • Various motivation techniques 
  • Adjustment of incentive techniques 
  • Encouragement speech, encouragement activity 
  • Coaching and Mentoring to strengthen the team. Understand the learning potential of the team. 
  • Workshop Activity # gives trainees an understanding of their own team and finds ways to encourage the team to boost their results, including coaching the basic team. 


Day 2 

Session Period  Detail 
1 9:00-10:15 น. The development of better work. Process Improvement 
  •  Workflow analysis 
  • Problem Solving to reduce problems in departments. Waste reduction. 
  • Reducing costs, increasing speed  
  • Process Improvement through various techniques. 
  • Workshop Activity # makes the trainees study the process and improvement. 




2 10:30-12:00 น. Creative thinking skills for managers 4.0 
  • Different thinking, systematic thinking, critical thinking, creative Thinking 
  • Data Analysis and decisions 
  • Workshop Activity # 6 Enables the trainees to be creative for the organization in the age of 4.0 
3 13:00-14.30 น. Reporting and presentation  
  • Report making and summarizing techniques. Presentation to senior management 
  • Using presentations. How to use numbers 
  • Storytelling skills  
  • Workshop Activity # Presentations 
4 14.45:-16:0น. Good communication and personality 
  • Posing and speaking appropriately as an organization representative. 
  • Good personality, standing, speaking, dressing appropriately 
  • Workshop Activity # Personality Modification 


Training Method 

Lecture, case studies, discussion, and Work shop 



Up to 30 related position participants  



Training duration 2 days 

Training Style 

  • Seminar and learning styles Theory 20: Practice 80 
  • Lecture to transferring knowledge to participants 
  • Brainstorming activities enter “participation” 
  • Examples / case studies to see more “clear pictures” 
  • The seminar uses adult learning model combined with practice, focusing is on participants as center of the training, setting up questions for express their ideas. Instructor asks participants to comment and present.  
  • The Program content includes informative lectures with VDO, group activities, brainstorming, practice (Work Shop), case studies and presentation.  

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