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Business Acumen Course

Competency-based Leadership

By  Dr.Rawipas Klamthawee

Competency-based Leadership

Principle and Concepts

Under the current business circumstances, if corporate organizations could not adapt themselves to the very rapidly changing global business contexts, then the chance for them to survive is very slim. Therefore, the 7 Competency-Based Leadership program is established to effectively correspond and embrace the uncertainty and ambiguous world in a timely manner


  1. To train Kao executives to gain more insights about global leadership which plays more important role in the current global economic and business contexts
  2. To train Kao executives to deeply know the essence of 7 Competency-Based Leadership
  3. To give Kao executives necessary skills for use in the 7 Competency-Based Leadership
  4. To train Kao executives to gain more experiences from top global leaders who have used the 7 Competency-Based Leadership program for business success
  5. To train Kao executives how to harness the 7 Competency-Based Leadership for their own business success
  6. To train Koa executives to foresee the global trends so as to prepare themselves to become global leader

Course Outline

  1. What is the global leaders and global leadership?
  2. The 7 Competency-Based Leadership (in theory) and its essence for Kao executives
  3. Necessary skills for each of the 7 competency for Kao executives
  4. How to apply the 7 Competency-based Leadership knowledge and skills for the best benefits of Kao executives
  5. How to make a right forecast into the future change that affects the corporate sector worldwide
  6. How to become global leaders in the 21st century

Target Audience

Kao executives and leaders

Training Duration

2 days

 Training Type

In-house training

Training Methodologies

  1. Proactive training on both theory and practice (both trainer and trainee)
  2. Reactive training (trainees respond and react to the trainer through the training course)
  3. Participatory training (let trainees participate in training activities ranging from Q&A to Class & Group presentation)
  4. Collaborative training (encourage trainees to collaborate with the trainer and trainees among one another)

Evaluation & Measurement:

  1. Evaluate via individual performance through the blended training system
  2. Evaluate team performance via the blended training system
  3. Evaluate trainees’ vital and critical skills through the blended training system
  4. Evaluate trainees” attitude and mindset via a Global Mindset Test
  5. Evaluate trainees’ thinking system via a variety of thinking tests

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