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Agile and Growth Mindset

By   Asst.Prof.Dr. Rathavoot Ruthankoon

Agile and Growth Mindset



Business competition nowadays is not only fierce but has changed dramatically. There are technological changes, changes in customers’ needs, organizational changes those companies should be faced. One of the most popular strategies for dealing with them is “Agile. 

Agile is both working culture and process improvement suiting with an innovation project or software development project; it is a guideline focusing on organization to work quickly.  We will see the use of mixed functionality like scrum, kanban, sprint and retrospective to make new adaptive working environment. This course provides both lecture and workshop to make audience to understand and implement agile in organization.  

“This suggests that effective agile teamwork requires a specific attitude towards the team and other people as well as proactive and open mind of the individuals.” Miler and Gaida (2019) 



Growth Mindset 

Things that make people progress in their work and succeed in life are not just knowledge or skills but background attitude from own mind.  Good mindset makes person intend to move forward to learn, stepping forward to improve even further. The Growth Mindset is a popular concept that  make people a self-improvement perspective, focus on success, courage to learn, courage to solve problems, try new things, overcome mistakes, fast recovery, having a positive view of work, proactive work, positive efforts and success. The benefit will be conveyed to organiztion they work with. The Growth Mindset program by KCT Academy aims to create the participants to understand the growth mindset conceptual framework and convey it through lectures and workshop activities in a sustainable way.  



  1. To make participants understand of Agile concept and culture. 
  1. To make participants understand searching for user stories and prioritizing to select product backlog. 
  1. To make participants understand scrum management and process improvement through workshop practice. 
  1. To make participants understand the concepts of Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset. 
  1. To make participants understand and use Growth Mindset in various situations. Everyday life Improved work and personal development 
  1. To make participants can use the Growth Mindset for various roles in the workplace and maintain the Growth Mindset by themselves.

Training Schedule 

Day 1 

Session Period Detail 
1 9:00-10:30 น. Basic knowledge about Agile and Scrum. 
  • Provide a basic for the trainees to understand the working culture under the rapid change, differences between traditional planning and agile planning in details. 
2 10:30-12:00 น. How to get user stories  and create product backlog prioritization 
  • Strategies for understanding user insight  stories and get requirement  to make product backlog   
  • Workshop “User Stories and Solution”   
3 13:00-14.15 น. Create product backlog/ prioritization/ setup scrum plan.  
  • How to create product backlog from user stories and setup proiority using MVP concept. 
  •  Concept of scrum, Kanban board, setup scrum team, sprint and planning for scrum. 
  • Workshop “Scrum Planning”   
4 14:30-16:00 น. 


  • Scrum workshop and retrospective 


Day 2 

Session Period Detail 
1 9:00-10:30 น. Group Presentation and Wrapup for Agile and Scrum 
  • Paticipants present result from Day 1 Agile workshop 
  • Wrap up for Agile  
2 10:30-12:00 น. Growth Mindsret 
  • An overview of the understanding of the mindset of person 
  • Various types of individual thinking frameworks and the behavior. Understanding your own ideas. 
  • Workshop Understand Yourself 
3 13:00-14.15 น. Understanding of Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset 
  • Characteristic and perspective of people with Growth Mindset  
  • Growth Mindset in daily life Good and creative perspective under various situations 
  • Growth Mindset in working life Work behavior And personal development to increase efficiency Perspectives and coping with fatigue and pressure situations at work 
  • Creating an understanding that you can change and start to change yourself  
  • Workshop for changing  mindset 
4 14:30-16:00 น. 
  • Using Growth Mindset for various roles in the workplace and keeping your self-sustained Growth Mindset. 
  • Working together between the supervisor and the team with Growth Mindset 
  • Problem solving with Growth Mindset. 
  • Creating a self-sustaining Growth Mindset 
  • Wrap Up 


Training Method 

Lecture, case studies, discussion, and Work shop 



Up to 30 related position participants  



Training duration 2 days 


Training Style 

  • Seminar and learning styles Theory 20: Practice 80 
  • Lecture to transferring knowledge to participants 
  • Brainstorming activities enter “participation” 
  • Examples / case studies to see more “clear pictures” 
  • The seminar uses adult learning model combined with practice, focusing is on participants as center of the training, setting up questions for express their ideas. Instructor asks participants to comment and present.  
  • The Program content includes informative lectures with VDOgroup activities, brainstorming, practice (Work Shop), case studies and presentation.  

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